Zesty Lightroom Brushes for Bold Colors

These brushes are meant to be incredibly bold and add lots of color to your images. Most of them need to have the density + flow turned down to help reduce the boldness. This set now contains 38 brushes to help you bring your artistic visions to life in LR. 

The brushes included are :

- Zesty Blue Jeans

- Zesty Booster

- Zesty Colorpop

- Zesty Colorpop Warm

- Zesty Cool Sunflare

- Zesty Warm up Grass

- Zesty Dehaze + Colorbooster

- Zesty Eye Color Enhancer

- Zesty Eyelash + Hair

- Zesty Gentle Contrast

- Zesty Gimme the Gold Glow

- Zesty Gimme the Red Glow

- Zesty Intense Sky

- Zesty Light Orange Fall

- Zesty Lighten Shadow

- Zesty Lower Highlights

- Zesty Lumen

5 Zesty Skin Brushes 

- Zesty Orange Fall

- Zesty Warm Sunflare

- Zesty Painterly 1+2

- Zesty Red Fall

- Zesty Reduce Orange

- Zesty Revive the Green

- Zesty Soft Skies Warm

- Zesty Soft Skies

- Zesty Sunset Clouds

- Zesty Teal + Orange Skies

- Zesty Teeth White

- Zesty Texture + Sharp 

- Zesty Unfocus + Glow

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